Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Friday Sale

Samsung Galaxy S4
Time has come again for the best shopping day of the year. Sprint will have the Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Friday deal for the entire week of Thanksgiving. You would normally pay $200 for the smartphone but the price is now only $39.99 online. update: Sold Out!

Why buy Samsung Galaxy S4 on Black Friday
The specs are simply impressive. As Samsung touts it “The Next Big Thing”. You will find the 1.9 GHz processor inside that even top many budget laptops. The 5-inch full HD display is just amazing for games and watching movies on the go. Nothing can stop you from capturing the best quality videos and pictures using the advanced 13mp camera. In case you need more storage you can expand the memory up to 64GB with a SD card. There many unique apps and features you won’t find on other smartphones – Air View, Smart Pause, and Easy Mode that make your mobile computing a much pleasant experience.

Superior Display
The most noticeable change from the Galaxy S3 is the higher resolution and bigger screen. Unlike the S III, which only offers 720 x 1280 pixels on a 24.8 inch display, you are getting 1080p true HD experience on Galaxy S4′s 5 inch screen. Although you might think it’s to too big to be held or placed in your pant pocket, it’s actually quite easy given the fact that Samsung has trim the bezel to the minimal.

Battery Life

The Galaxy S4 uses Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery to keep the weight and size down. Although it’s not the biggest battery out there for smartphone, it’s sufficient enough to last 15.4 days with 3G connection, or 13.3 days on 4G standby. Talk time is claimed to be 17.00 hours when connected to 3G wireless network, but the average is about 10 hours reported by actual use. While many apps or built in features can efficiently manage the battery usage, it’s up to the user to set turn off features that you don’t use often to conserve energy. Also regularly charging the battery between in frequent calls will give you enough juice when you need to make a long conversation on the phone later.

Galaxy S4 Purple
Wireless Connectivity

The built-in support for the 4G LTE paired with the quad core processor will certainly top any browser speed testing. With Sprint expanding its 4G LTE coverage you will find yourself surfing the web or watching YouTube just like being on a broadband network at home or at work. The upgraded OS and customized UI takes advantage of the 4G connection and make downloading/uploading videos and pictures faster than ever. Plus you can share the wireless connection with up to 10 WiFi enabled devices so there is no need to search for WiFi hotspot anymore.

How can you call a phone smart without multi-tasking? Samsung Galaxy S4 has the latest Android OS Jelly Bean installed. The new OS is optimized for handling many tasks at once. Whether you are checking emails, or listen to your favorite music, you can leave other apps open and resume the task when you are ready.

Again, with all these impressive specs, you’ve got yourself the one of the best smartphone ever. And Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Friday sale is now offering the biggest the discount of the season year. It’s you chance to save up to $200 when you sign a new plan or upgrade your phone.

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