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6 Reasons You Should Buy a Phablet on Black Friday

Black Friday PhabletsWhen cell phones first hit the market, most of the world felt that “smaller is better”. For the most part, our appreciation for smaller smartphones still dominates and a whopping 90% are still shipped out with less than 5 inch screens. Nevertheless, larger “phablet’s” like the Samsung Galaxy Note versions and a handful of others have made their appearance and even though it has taken a while for them to earn a significant fan base, they have. Once you use a phablet you may just find that bigger is truly better. And on Black Friday you will save as much as $700 on a brand new big screen smartphone. Following are 6 reasons you should consider buying a “phablet”, especially on Black Friday.

1. For starters, a phablet plays the part of a smartphone and tablet, meaning that this type of user will be able to carry one device instead of two, good news for just about everyone on the planet, especially anyone who travels or has long commutes to work via subway, bus or train. Having a large screen to work with makes doing anything with a smartphone 10 times easier. Continue reading