6 Reasons You Should Buy a Phablet on Black Friday

Black Friday PhabletsWhen cell phones first hit the market, most of the world felt that “smaller is better”. For the most part, our appreciation for smaller smartphones still dominates and a whopping 90% are still shipped out with less than 5 inch screens. Nevertheless, larger “phablet’s” like the Samsung Galaxy Note versions and a handful of others have made their appearance and even though it has taken a while for them to earn a significant fan base, they have. Once you use a phablet you may just find that bigger is truly better. And on Black Friday you will save as much as $700 on a brand new big screen smartphone. Following are 6 reasons you should consider buying a “phablet”, especially on Black Friday.

1. For starters, a phablet plays the part of a smartphone and tablet, meaning that this type of user will be able to carry one device instead of two, good news for just about everyone on the planet, especially anyone who travels or has long commutes to work via subway, bus or train. Having a large screen to work with makes doing anything with a smartphone 10 times easier.

2. Phablets make better business phones for the basic reason that they give you more room to work with and besides being a note taking machine thanks to the built in stylus that most have, some phablets offer a multi-window mode, a fantastic multitasking feature that offers a split screen view that makes it possible to run two apps at once on screen.

3. These mega smartphones are “must haves” for gamers, taking game play to new levels; think Nintendo’s DS on steroids. Thanks to today’s phablet’s even basic arcade like games look awesome and are easy to play.

4. Most phablet’s these days take great photos thanks to their 13 mega pixel cameras and there’s something to be said about looking at the photos you’ve taken on a screen that’s bigger than a post it note. Most of these big screen phones also come will impressive editing features as well, so you’ll be able to edit your shots without using your home computer.

5. Consider yourself a writer? Then you’ll want to buy a phablet; you’ll never need to carry around a notebook again! Just whip out your phone and you can write down everything that’s on your mind, maybe business notes, a chapter for the book you’re working on, you get the picture. One of the coolest features out there from Samsung is the Samsung’s S Note app that makes it possible for you to send the notes you’ve written as a PDF to someone as an email attachment; awesome!

6. Texting is a breeze with a phablet, making it possible for people who avoided texting before (the older crowd), to finally understand the joys of communicating via texting. With a phablet the user can really glide along as they type texts or send emails; in other words – no more big finger problems.

The price for phablet Even if you have to wait in line for hours to get the deal on Black Friday it’s totally worth it. Research has shown that approximately 40 million phablets have been sold internationally, with well over 20 million sold in Korea alone. We wouldn’t be surprised if, because the world has gone so totally mobile, smartphone users eventually want the biggest screen possible on which they’ll be able to do just about anything they could using a full blown computer.

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